We specialize in the development of custom business applications, which are characterized by an intuitive user interface and scalability. We use an agile approach throughout the life cycle of applications that provides greater flexibility from planning with the business to the product release.

One of our core competencies are web applications, because they combine the most benefits for organizations of any size. For business users it is crucial to have platform independent tools they can work with even if the technology landscape is changing. Our experience helps us to create such solutions and we rely on the Microsoft .Net Framework for proven results.

Some featured scenarios for custom application development:

  • Streamline and automate business processes
  • Integrate internal and external systems
  • Connect to your customers and suppliers through secure API's
  • Analysis, Calculation and Manipulation of data
  • Monitor, Control and Access connected devices

See your vision as an interactive prototype

Every software project has far-reaching consequences for your organization, as this is done over a longer period of time. This means that you need to rely on a word, that the developed application meets your needs, the user interface has the desired look and feel and functions target your business goals – without having ever seen the application or knowing our team. To get rid of this black box environment we use the MVP strategy from product development: Most viable product.

Building applications in the cloud means that costs for changes are heavily reduced, so we can avoid an expensive process to figure everything out upfront, since we know that it will likely change in future. Instead of this extensive process, the application is launched with the minimum of development time, expenditures and features which are necessary for the intended use. After launch, we can quickly and inexpensively change features and functionality based on market feedback or budget availability. The MVP idea is to get to market fast and scale as demand grows, that is exactly what our program of an interactive prototype is designed for. You will get an interactive example of your application within 2 weeks to demonstrate your co-workers, users or investors. This working prototype reduces the risk of bad investments and unnecessary spent time.

Our program contains the following elements:


Phone call / Online Meeting with your project board or management and our technical lead.


Identify your business goals and targeted audience/user base.


Our team creates a blueprint for the prototype.


Determine user (groups). Where, when and how will the app be used? What functionality is required?


Implementation of the prototype based on the blueprint.


Determine timing, budget, schedule and possible MVP steps.


We deliver the prototype with a short walkthrough of the application.


Give you the necessary information to make decisions for a project with us.

The price for the program depends on the desired amount and detail of the functions and starts from EUR 299.00. There is no obligation to develop the full application with us, nor is there an obligation on our side to realize the application, after the end of the program. Please contact us for further questions or an individual quote.