Azure Consulting - Cloud Computing

We work with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for years and support your IT team to get started with cloud computing and the migration of applications to the cloud. We support your employees from planning to development and through to the provisioning of hybrid and full cloud solutions.

We use DevOps culture to leverage the full potential of cloud power and bring together developers, ops staff and business users to

  • accelerate delivery of applications and updates,
  • optimize resource usage,
  • improve availability,
  • increase the quality of applications.

Our keys for successful projects:

  • We define targets: We analyze and determine the project targets with you upfront.
  • We measure progress: We define key metrics for targets to measure progress.
  • We test and verify: We figure out the parts that can be moved easiest and start there. This way your team will learn the basics and we can verify the result with appropriate tests.
  • We create a roadmap: After having successfully migrated the first workload to the cloud and verified the outcome, we create a roadmap for all other parts. This plan ensures that resources are used cost-effective and that the whole process remains transparent.

Microsoft Office Training

We focus on your needs in our trainings, so you can practice the new content in practical scenarios. On our blog you will find various "how to" articles, which you can refer to as ideas for training content. Some popular training content:

  • Mail Merge with Word and Excel
  • Pivot tables and charts in Excel
  • Excel for Finance and Controlling
  • External data sources in Excel

Contact us for a customized training offer.

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

With Microsoft SharePoint Server, many scenarios can be implemented and possible applications include Enterprise Content Management (ECM) through Business Intelligence (BI) to workflow-based process automation.

Information architecture, information access and information management are essential for effective collaboration in any SharePoint environment. We use our experience with SharePoint to identify the key elements of your application areas and to implement the right customizations.

Contact us, we will bring it to the point.